Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Naruto-Arena Teams

I know what you are thinking, "oh no another site where they just post naruto teams and no strategies", but there youa re wrong. I will be posting teams for Naruto-Arena that I use and there strategies. Now I have tried all sorts of combonations but the teams I will be posting are just ones that I have used that not many people will have counters too.

This Guide will help you get winstreaks you need to level up, ttry and get top ten, or just show off to your friends.

I will be sorting the teams in categoris based on there type of damage----


I use Chouji, Anko, and Shizune---
Reason-- Becuase Chouji does 20 instant damage, Anko has both Dual Pin and Hidden Snake Hand which allows Shizune, Anko, and Chouji to do 100 Undefendable Damage.

Pros and Cons with Affliction-
1. Can DO 100 Undefendable Damage
2. Even if a person dies the people can not reduce or block your damage

1. Slow Killing so you have to be patient
2. If they kill anko you might as well resign.

Always use Anko's Dual Pin and Hidden Snake Hand first.
Use Shizune's poison.
Use Chouji's meat tank or any skill that does 20 damage.
Make sure you only attack one person at a time and usually focus on either there nuker or healer.

AOE Team-

Im not into AOE becuase its kind of a noob way to win, but when I used to be into AoE the team I chose was haku, Tenten, and Tayuya.
Reason--- They all require very little chakra so its a great team against chakra stealers. Also it is probably the best way to get winatreaks when you are a genin or chuunin.

Pros and Cons with AoE-
1. Great way to get up in ladders
2. Can wipe teams in as little as 4 turns.
3. Haku stuns and does damage so does Tenten and also Tayuya.
4. Even if they kill one member you still have others to dish out damage to all there players.

1. Unfortunatly Damage Reducing Teams are definitely the AoE kryptonite.
2. Too many people use these players use AoE so youll practically be fighting your own team alot untill ANBU rank.

There really is no strategy with this team, all you have to remeber is if you have a stun-- USE IT. If you dont it can end your team.

Stun Team---

People consider stun teams cheap, but there are numerous ways to get around them. If you want to start using sutn teams though I would recomend using gaara rehab, sakura, and Haku or just regular gaara, sakura, and ino.
Reason-Each is single stun so you can stun all three people for as little as 4 chakra and you can do immense damage.

Pros and Cons to Single Stunners-

1. If your up against a chakra team or Aoe Team you can definitely stop them in their tracks.
2. Best team to go up against high leveled guys.

1. Many people will scold you
2. You probably wont get into any clans if you use this team
3. There are numerous ways to stop single stunners. Once they take one person out than your definitely in trouble.


weedo said...

Nice post. You could correct your spelling though.

taryn said...

for the stun team i recomend shikamaru,tenten,and haku

medium heath damage to oponents
stuns for long periods of time

can be slow kills(be patient)

drake_drizzy said...

awesome tips!!!
another goood team thts been workin for me lately is:
Ten Ten, Kidomarou, and Kankuro.
if you have him Shigure can be used in kankuro's place.


Riath22 said...

For a Aoe team use Deidara 4tails and kiba use kiba's dyamic markings then wolf fag over fang charge deidara up with clay mold 2 also have self destruct on stand bye with 4 tails always put the moves before affliction if you dont use transform your dead try and save chakara if you can

Pros: 55 to 60 damage if you use kiba's garuga then you almost deal an instant kill

Cons: large amount of chakara usage

Vaapad1 said...

I've found that Dosu, Kin, and temari is a good team when a academy student or genin.
Pros: always can attack with kin
temari can do damage and be invincible
Dosu makes other two WAY strong with sound manipulation
Cons: slow victories
if you have only temari left it is hard to win
always use temari's cutting whirlwind if possible
use dosu's sound manipulation alot
Take out stun characters 1st always!(messes up kin badly)

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